tipchamp #bts... go behind the scenes of your business, event, blog, or YouTube channel. tipchamp Make a Q & A video answering your most asked questions ⁉️ tipchamp Build “social proof” with a testimonial video. tipchamp Create a music video for your fire audio track 🔥 tipchamp Puppies, kittens, baby elephants… the Internet loves cute animal videos 🐶 tipchamp Remember #planking? Go viral with a challenge video. tipchamp Create a bloopers or prank video that will make viewers roflmao 🤣 tipchamp Make a reaction video with Picture in Picture. tipchamp Create a social ad to promote your business. tipchamp Promote your competition like #clipchamphalloween19 🎃 tipchamp School some n00bs with your gaming skills 🎮 tipchamp Cook with friends and make everyone hungry 🍜 tipchamp Spotlight an underdog story. Everyone loves an underdog story. tipchamp Make an intro video, first impressions are everything! tipchamp Story time about a funny experience, or how you started your business. tipchamp Explain how your product works and increase your conversions 💸 tipchamp Show what it’s like to work at your business with a “day in the life” video. tipchamp Make a funny parody video using only stock footage and audio. tipchamp Introduce the team with a company video. tipchamp Reveal something. There’s no better way to announce a new feature. tipchamp When shooting outdoors, keep the sun behind you ☀️ tipchamp Use a tripod to make your footage less shakey tipchamp For stability, imagine that your camera is a very full cup of coffee ☕ tipchamp Use a lapel mic to record audio, or find a quiet room with minimal background noise tipchamp Keep your average shot length between 5 and 10 seconds tipchamp Experiment with different angles by shooting above and below your subjects tipchamp Avoid shadows by using lighting from 3 different angles tipchamp If you have background music, make sure it’s not too loud 🔇 tipchamp Plan your video content ahead of time tipchamp Cloudy days provide the best natural light to shoot in 🌥️ tipchamp The best time of day to shoot is 1 hour after sunrise, or 1 hour before sunset tipchamp Mind the head! Don’t chop off the top of your subject’s head, or leave too much space above it. tipchamp Try timing your cuts to the beat of your background music tipchamp Reuse your video on every platform by resizing the aspect ratio tipchamp The background for your video should never be an afterthought tipchamp Try adding sound effects to make your video pop 🎉 tipchamp 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, so remember to use titles 🔇 tipchamp Use stock videos to replace any b-roll footage you missed tipchamp Transitions between cuts keep your video interesting tipchamp Add a logo in your outro to increase brand awareness