tipchamp Time your edits to the beat of your audio track.
tipchamp Include text for viewers watching your video without sound.
tipchamp 1080p is the best resolution for video streaming and websites.
tipchamp 720p is the best resolution for social media.
tipchamp Less is more when it comes to filters, transitions and special effects.
tipchamp You can turn one video into many by changing the aspect ratio.
tipchamp Storyboarding is the best way to visually plan a video.
tipchamp Avoid improvising by writing a script for the speaking parts of your video.
tipchamp Place your message in the first eight seconds of your video – the average attention span of a viewer (and a goldfish).
tipchamp If you don’t have a camera, use your smartphone or our in-editor webcam.
tipchamp Don’t film your screen, use our in-editor screen recorder instead.
tipchamp Adding fade in and fade out effects gives your video a cinematic feel.
tipchamp Social media videos should be under two minutes long.
tipchamp You can use our green screen stock footage to add special effects without extra work.
tipchamp Picture in Picture is the best effect for tutorial, reaction and presentation videos.
tipchamp That tool on the timeline? It’s called a scrubber or seeker.
tipchamp Hate the look of black bars? Hit the crop to fill button and watch them disappear.
tipchamp Want to build brand recognition? Upload your logo and add it to your video.